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Financial Education

We believe everyone should have confidence when it comes to their finances.

We believe that a positive mindset about money is a result of learning how finances work.

We believe it's never too early, or too late in life, to become more financially fit.

We believe that financial literacy shouldn't be a luxury to only those who were fortunate to have excellent financial mentors in their lives.

We believe financial education should be available to everyone.

This is why Legacy Consultants Group is committed to helping you, your children and your employees become more financially fit.

How Can We Help You?

I'm a parent who wants a simple way to teach my children important financial literacy lessons.

Imagine how helpful it would be to have a fun, engaging way to teach your children important financial lessons through everyday activities.

We’re here to help you make this a reality.

With our Raising a Financially Fit Family workshop, we teach parents like you simple ways to raise financially literate children.

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I'm an employer who wants to increase employee engagement and productivity through financial education

Would you like to help your employees reduce their financial stress, as well as improve engagement and productivity in your workplace?

We’re here to help.

Learn how we can teach the employees nearing retirement, young professionals, parents and women in your workplace how to achieve their financial goals.

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