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Financial Education in the Workplace

As an employer, you want your employees to be happy, engaged and productive.

But are you aware of the silent stressor that is drastically decreasing productivity, engagement and happiness in workplaces?

When your employees are stressed about their personal financial situation, it has a negative impact on your organization.

<b>One in four workers suffer from serious financial distress</b>, according to the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation.

One in four workers suffer from serious financial distress, according to the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation.

This stress is likely impacting your workplace more than you realize.

The same study found that 30 to 80 percent of those financially stressed workers spend time at work worrying about their stressful personal financial situations and dealing with financial issues instead of working.

Would you like to help your employees reduce their financial stress, improve engagement and productivity in your workplace?

We’re here to help.

At Legacy Consultants Group, we are passionate about making financial education fun and easy to understand for your employees. 

We enjoy educating employees on a variety of financial topics, including but not limited to:

  • Helping young professionals learn how to get a head start on their long-term goals through retirement savings and investing strategies
  • Helping employees nearing retirement ensure they are prepared to exit the workforce with a sound financial foundation that will allow them to enjoy the next chapter in their lives to the fullest extent
  • Helping the women in your workplace invest in themselves and learn how to create more financial security and independence
  • Helping the parents in your workplace learn how to teach their children to become more financially literate through our Raising a Financially Fit Family workshop

Our signature education program, Raising a Financially Fit Family, provides you with a unique financial education workshop that addresses a common problem the parents in your workforce face: How do I teach my children the important financial lessons and behaviors that will help them become financially responsible adults?


Not only is Raising a Financially Fit Family another valuable family-related benefit to offer your employees, but it is designed to help parents with children of a wide variety of ages.

We have helped hundreds of parents – from those with preschool-aged children to ones with teenagers preparing for college – learn how to raise more financially literate children

Are you interested in learning how our financial education workshops can educate your employees in a fun, engaging manner?