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Legacy on Purpose Podcast

Client Centered
What do you want your legacy to be?
What values do you want to be remembered by and instill in future generations?

Our intention with Legacy on Purpose is to teach high net-worth and aspiring high net-worth families how to preserve and transfer the values that helped them succeed.

May 4, 2020
1. Introduction to Legacy on Purpose

How to transfer your true wealth, your values not your valuables. 

Meet Legacy on Purpose host Kyle A. Sanders who dives into your belief system and values around money.

Since 2002,  Kyle A. Sanders has been a financial advisor serving families by uncovering their "why" behind the decisions they make about their finances. Kyle will help your family start a conversation around what truly matters for generations to come. 

May 4, 2020 
2. Charitable Intent: Helping  Your Family Speak the Same Values-based Language 

Charitable Advisors Rob MacPherson and Sarah Weaver from Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) share their vision, dedication and passion for making Indiana a better community. Tune in to learn how CICF utilizes interactive workshops to help families align their values with their specific charitable intent.

Check out on how to give more than a charitable gift.

May 4, 2020
3. How to Leave a Lasting Legacy

Learn how a rich legacy firm like Ice Miller is taking a different approach to setting up an estate plan. Attorney Steve Latterell will pose empathetic and compassionate questions on how to lead you through the decisions of leaving a legacy.

May 11, 2020
4. Money Decisions Through The Eyes of a Child

In this episode, Legacy on Purpose host Kyle Sanders talks about the importance of demonstrating your values to your family and the impact that financial intentionally can have on your children and grandchildren.

Tune in for advice on how to navigate a multi-generational approach to wealth, ensuring that your financial legacy is lived out through the words, thoughts and actions of your loved ones.

May 18, 2020
5. A Father's Legacy: Be Kind

Host Kyle Sanders’ childhood friend, Chad Smith, delivers a powerful message after the recent passing of his father. Amidst the grief and uncertainty, Chad finds strength and comfort in the values and lessons his father taught him.

Listen as Chad shares his father’s most intimate financial wisdom, creating the framework for a financial legacy that will transcend generations.

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May 18, 2020
6. Our Family Legacy: A Letter To My Son

Host Kyle Sanders’ childhood friend, Chad Smith, delivers a powerful message after the recent passing of his father. Amidst the grief and uncertainty, Chad finds strength and comfort in the values and lessons his father taught him.

Listen as Chad shares the letter he is writing to his son to ensure the preservation of his father's financial legacy.

Questions on how to write your family's legacy? Email:

May 25, 2020
7. The Financial Statement That Most Families are Missing

Legacy on Purpose Host, Kyle Sanders' challenges you to look beyond the numbers and encourages you to explore the “why” behind your financial decisions.

Listen as Kyle shares his thoughts around how to be intentional with your financial statement to ensure that it is aligned with your values.

Questions on how to ensure your financial decisions are aligned with your values? Email:

June 1, 2020
8. Preserve Your Wealth By Giving It Away

Kyle Sanders' shares data and helpful tools that encourage “giving” as a strategy to help preserve wealth for future generations. Parents and grandparents, tune in to learn valuable lessons on the importance of charitable giving in an effort to shape the younger members of your family into financially prepared adults.

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June 8, 2020
9. The Impact Your Family Business Can Have On Your Children’s Values

Mark Kolbus is a second-generation business owner who operates his family's company - Taste of Indiana. Taste of Indiana's mission is to support Indiana companies by distributing gift baskets filled with locally-made food products and novelty items. Mark shares stories of running a family business centered on key core values, and how that translates into raising his value centered child.

Questions on how to leave a legacy? Email:

June 15, 2020
10. Serve First to Build a Life of Significance

Servant leader Paul Strack unlocks the keys to building a life of significance. What is the difference between success and significance? Self. By shining the light on others, darkness fades. The brightness of Paul's servant heart will light a fire in you and your family, so tune in!

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June 22, 2020
11. The Gift of Leaping

One carefree sunny afternoon, Chris Leeuw took a leap that changed his life. It was his second leap that changed the lives of hundreds of others.

Founder of NeuroHope, Chris Leeuw shares his story of how he sustained an incomplete c4 spinal cord injury that initially left him paralyzed from the neck down. By pushing through adversity, Chris ignited hope inside himself which spread to others. Listen and learn how to face adversity by being present, being determined and being grounded in your core values.

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June 26, 2020
12. The Heart of a Champion

Champions are no longer found in the arena. Host Kyle Sanders claims that a true champion is leading in the home, at work or within the community.

These champions are not identified by a shinny trophy because their true achievement is found within. Listen as the host arms leaders with four characteristics to help build the heart of a champion.

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June 29, 2020
13. Building Bridges of Opportunity

Powers and Sons Construction was named a family construction company before the eldest son was 18 years old. The lack of opportunity in the black community was the driving purpose for Mamon Powers III's grandfather. He had a new vision for the future generation.

Today, Mamon Powers III is living out that vision by building bridges of opportunities for others. Mamon is centered in his family's purpose which allows him to carry that vision forward.

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July 6, 2020
14. Empowerment From Within

Inspired from family traditions, Rooshy Roy has created a premium skincare product line that enables women to feel proud and confident in their skin. Aavrani is grounded in ancient beauty rituals of India— and so is Rooshy.

Spending time reconnecting to her roots has shaped the way she sees the world that has helped her build and cultivate a successful brand. Just as Rooshy has discovered, Aavrani reminds women that empowerment is found from within.

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July 10, 2020
15. Life Without Permission

Reflecting on the lessons learned in previous episodes, there is one common theme that shines through. True leaders live their life without permission. They have the ability to introspectively look at their motivations which gives them clarity when deciding what is right and what is wrong for them.

Tune in as host Kyle Sanders walks you through how to live life without permission: personally, professionally and financially.

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July 13, 2020
16. Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

Mike Hinton, CEO of Lochmueller Group, is a legacy leader whose culture is grounded in core ethics of integrity, accountability and achievement.

The Lochmueller Family creates a culture of celebrating each other’s achievement -- lifting up everyone involved. Mike leads with accountability, understanding that several failures are required for you to get long lasting success.

If you have an appetite for growth, tune in to learn how culture eats strategy for lunch every day!

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July 20, 2020
17. Cultivating Community

Fred Green, President of Cripe, views himself as the custodian of the Cripe legacy. Fred’s humility shines through by his statement “We make a living by what we do. We make a life by what we give to others.”

The “servant leadership” is the core of Cripe - both how they celebrate and how they give. Tune in to learn how this type of culture truly pays off!

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July 24, 2020
18. Creating a Culture of Significance

Host of Legacy on Purpose Kyle Sanders gives you a formula to build a culture that will allow the people you care about the most to grow and flourish. How you act within your organization at work, home or place of worship is where that organism builds culture.

The culture you build has a big impact on the success and significance of your own life. Start manifesting your environment with these five core pieces to be on purpose with your culture.

Ready to start creating culture? Email:

July 27, 2020
19. Grounded in Truth

Founder & Director of Family Tree Counseling, Mark Smith believes healing starts by telling your legacy story, and empowering yourself to change from within. For over 32 years, Mark has guided families to heal shame by recognizing relationship behaviors stem from the family tree.

This episode is packed with wisdom to overcome generational struggles, and how Mark ultimately paints the legacy picture for his client families.

Ready to start healing? Email:

August 3, 2020
20. How Healing Relationships Help with Healthy Finances

The greatest way to leave a lasting legacy is through instilling values in the relationships in our lives.

Owner & Counselor of Healing Hearts of Indy, Christy Aloisio gives the key ingredients to unlocking effective communication in a effort to build healthy relationships with our loved ones. She also touches on shame and the wisdom required to repair broken relationships.

Ready to start healing? Email:

August 7, 2020
21. If You Want Change Start With Yourself

Host of Legacy on Purpose Kyle Sanders leads the audience to lasting change by reflecting on self. To unleash your authentic self you need to lock in your purpose. Tune in to learn how to open the door to the core values of change.

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