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Legacy on Purpose Podcast - Latest Episodes

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Hosted by entrepreneur, endurance athlete, husband and father of three, Kyle A. Sanders, the Legacy on Purpose podcast will encourage you to pursue the courageous life you are meant to live.

Featuring interviews with word-class athletes, leaders, authors and TEDx speakers, you will be inspired to live your life with more authenticity, bravery and purpose.

March 15, 2021
66. How to Use Your Anger for Positive Change


Dr. Ryan Martin researches and writes on healthy and unhealthy expressions of anger.

His book just Why We Get Mad: How to Use Your Anger for Positive Change – explores why people become angry, some of the common consequences of anger and how people can use their anger in positive ways.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, BBC Radio, TED & elsewhere.

March 8, 2021
65. Climbing with Community


CEO and Cofounder of 29029 Marc Hodulich is the creator of the ultra-endurance event where you hike the equivalent height of Mt. Everest.

Marc built a transformational experience that is his most authentic expression of self where community, endurance and curiosity come together in one weekend.

29029 empowers leaders to push beyond their limitations by building a community to lift you to the top of the mountain.

The celebratory culture of recognizing effort over outcomes is the biggest differentiator of 29029 and is also Marc’s way of life.

Do you have what it takes to Everest?

March 5, 2021
64. Adapt and Achieve Your Why


How do you respond to unplanned circumstances?

Host Kyle Sanders shares the six tools to strengthen adaptability to reach your why. Tune in to build the key skillsets to achieve your desired outcomes.

Ready to live our legacy on purpose?

March 1, 2021
63. What The Dying Can Teach Us About Living


Nationally known speaker and author, Scott Sheperd Ph.D. comes from a background of more than 25 years of experience in working with people in difficult situations ranging from terminal illness to parents who have lost a child due to murder.

The transformational truth Dr. Sheperd believes is that we have the power to change the direction of our lives.

He empowers people in the most challenging circumstances to choose to live. Ready to start truly living?

February 22, 2021
62. The Balance of Fear & Courage


International human-rights advocate, Cara Elizabeth Yar Khan has profound purpose to promote inclusion for all people with disabilities. Her childhood dream of serving as a humanitarian gave her the lens of perspective to fight her personal disability. At age 30, Cara was diagnosed with HIBM (Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy) a rare muscle wasting disease that leads to quadriplegia, a devastating chronic illness where there is no approved treatment or cure.

Cara refused to let people’s low expectation of living with this condition drive her future. She took agency over her life by taking on the grandest adventure.

The documentary Her Inescapable Brave Mission premiering in 2021, captures Cara’s 12-day voyage on horse back riding rim to rim of the Grand Canyon; then rafting 150 miles down the Colorado River. The transformational journey was filmed for anyone who has ever found themselves, inescapable, on the edge of a physical or emotional cliff.

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February 15, 2021
61. FOMO? How To Not Let Fear Hold You Back


Empowerment expert Patrick McGinnis shares the gift of internal worth by guiding us to make decisions.

He coined the term “FOMO” or “fear of missing out,” which was added to Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. Patrick also created the term “FOBO” short for “fear of a better option” which also points to the underlying fear of decision-making.

Patrick’s incredible books, podcast and TED TALK: How to make faster decisions are making a true difference in people’s lives by recognizing that we aren’t our worst decision, and that true fulfillment is making choices that align with you.

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February 8, 2021
60. Take the Leep: Adversity is an Advantage

Blake Leeper is an athlete at the highest level. Blake was born with a congenital birth defect that left him with no legs below the knees and he was told he would not be able to walk.

However, Blake’s gold medalist mindset of understanding his adversity is his advantage, launching him to be an Olympian who runs with prosthetics. He is an athlete in every sense of the word, but most importantly his “why” that motivates him to be the fastest man in the world is truly inspirational.

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February 5, 2021
59. Building Resiliency

How will you push beyond a moment of discomfort?

Host Kyle Sanders shares four fundamental tools to build resiliency to be prepared when adversity shows up. When you build resilience you go beyond what you could imagine for yourself.

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February 1, 2021
58. I AM: Worthy

How do you anchor to the words you use to describe yourself? I AM ____. Bestselling Author Lauren Sanders’ first “I AM statement” transformed her life; “I AM worthy.” Lauren has learned to embody her merit and shares how the law of attraction can help manifest the life you deserve.

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January 25, 2021
57. Your Why Drives The Game

“I know others always saw me as an underdog, as the odds were against me, but the key was I never believed I was the underdog,” – JJ. Birden 9-year-veteran of the NFL

Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur JJ Birden’s why was always bigger than everyone’s no. Knowing his comparative advantage and what environments would allow him to shine, he carved out his path to the NFL. JJ is giving this gift of grit to others by training leaders to live out their why and conquering their FASCOs (failures, adversities, setbacks, challenges and obstacles).

Pick up a signed copy of JJ Birden’s book When Opportunity Knocks, 8 Surefire Ways to Take Advantage by clicking the link below:

All leaders will face adversity, so level up your mindset by drafting JJ to the team. Book JJ Birden as a speaker today!


January 18, 2021
56. Starting a Business with Courage

Starting a business for many people is scary and can be overwhelming from the beginning. CEO & CO-Founder of Hiccapop Davis Clute is knocking down the barriers of entrepreneurship and giving others the opportunity to self-discover and self-innovate by leading their own destiny. Davis’ shares this gift of demystifying entrepreneurship in his book How To Start A Business (In 50 Pages). He creates the pathway for others to ride the smooth journey of creating a business by laying the building blocks to get started.

Are you thinking of starting a business? Check out Davis Clute’s book today!


January 11, 2021
55. My Father’s Legacy

Laura Carney is on the journey to complete her father’s bucket list, written decades before his death.

Laura’s father was killed by a distracted driver, yet his dreams are becoming a reality as Laura continues to cross off the 60 adventures on the list. Tune in the learn the beauty of her journey and how connection transcends even death.

Live the list with Laura in real time at:

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January 8, 2021
54. Daily Decisions

Host Kyle Sanders shares how daily decisions will drive the results of your life and how your unwillingness to deviate from that plan will help you reach your goals. Ready to adopt daily habits? Email:

January 4, 2021
53. The Basic Human Need to Play

A playful relationship with his grandmother Claire fueled Ted Fischer’s passion that play has no age limit.

As Co-Founder & CEO at Ageless Innovation, Ted is bringing the basic human need of play to the older adults. His animatronic, lifelike robotic companion pets were created to assist with older adults who are experiencing social isolation, loneliness, and cognitive decline.

Check out to give a companion and a smile to an older adult!

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December 28, 2020
52. Discovering Your Black Sheep Values

Brant Menswar is a core values activist, former rock star, one of the country’s “Top 10" motivational speakers and a self-professed coffee snob. His book Black Sheep expands on the ground-breaking work to tap into your full potential for success by aligning with your Black Sheep Values.

Tune in to the passionate and engaging, Brant who encourages audiences to discover their Black Sheep Values® and move forward with deliberate intention. His interactive and entertaining ways of defining what matters most compels you to dig deeper into your lives and start living on purpose.

Want to find out your 5 Black Sheep Values that never change? Take the Black Sheep Value assessment today!

Pick up Black Sheep today at Barnes and Noble or click the link below!

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December 25, 2020
51. The Power of Choice

What if you had a year, every decision you grounded to was based upon the values you hold true in your heart?

Host Kyle Sanders shares how the power of choice can impact your goals in 2021 and beyond, by detaching from the outcome. Tune in to learn how to choose with your values. Ready to understand the power of choice? Email:

December 21, 2020
50. Advocating for Opportunity

Darcey Palmer-Shultz has been intentionally helping kids become the best version of themselves for over a decade. As CEO at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana, Darcey has committed her career to the idea that everyone has within them abundant potential; and it takes experiences, relationships and encouragement to maximize it.

Tune in to unleash the power of the human relationship and the impact it can have on your community. Check out BBBS’s website today to understand how you can be an advocate for youth:

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December 14, 2020
49. A Mountain of Gratitude

At 17 years-old, Mona Patel was hit by a drunk driver, and her life was forever changed.

After undergoing 20 surgeries, Mona made the courageous decision to have her leg amputated. The decision was driven by choosing independence for her life not just physically, but for her as a woman. Her bravery lead her to take on amazing physical feats like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, participating in 29029 and creating the San Antonio Amputee Foundation.

Her story of tenacity, impact and service to her community has inspired others to choose gratitude when being faced with adversity.

Check out the video of Mona climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with 9 other amputee friends!

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December 11, 2020
48. The Heart of Leadership

Host Kyle A. Sanders shares the most powerful tool in leadership and how it helps align your intentionally and your vision with the betterment of the people you are leading.

Tune in to learn how to seek understanding through the eyes of the people you are serving.

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December 7, 2020
47. Planting Seeds of Wisdom

Dan Corsaro, VP of Sales and Marketing at Indianapolis Fruit Company, is growing the family business by rooting to the generational wisdom of his family.

Dan’s entrepreneur spirit was encouraged by his parents who embraced the benefits and exchanges of leading a business. Tune in to learn how to bear fruit by investing in your children and encouraging them to learn through experience.

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November 30, 2020
46. A Plateful of Empathy

Pancakes shaped the Chief Philanthropy Officer for Indiana University Health and President of the IU Health Foundation, Crystal Hinson Miller’s impact on our community. Crystal shares the lesson that her father taught her during their Saturday morning routine of breakfast followed by visiting the local hospital. Her father’s demonstration of empathy inspires how she leads today.

Tune in to learn how to impact the people you care about most. Ready to be empathic?


November 27, 2020
45. Envision Your Why

Host Kyle A. Sanders shares the power of envisioning your why and how that impacts the people you care about most. Tune in to learn how to bring your vision to life by understanding the significance of achieving it.

Ready to envision your why?


November 23, 2020
44. Unlocking a Limitless Life

Charlie Engle is the most accomplished ultra-endurance athletes in the world by achieving amazing feats such as running across the Sahara Desert, the United States and Badwater 135. Charlie’s limitless mindset is inspiring as he challenges all of us to consider, “It is not about what happens to us in life—it is only how we react that matters.”

Tune in to own the impossible goals you have in your life!

Ready to unlock a limitless life? Check out Charlie Engle’s book Running Man!


November 16, 2020
43. Serving

Like many other selfless people, Josh Driver (co-founder and CEO of supports multiple nonprofits throughout his community. Josh's heart for inclusion inspired the decision to create an affordable platform to help companies start, grow, and record their workplace philanthropy programs.

If you are ready to be an agent of change, impact and empathy, tune in to an episode of serving. Check out Joshua Driver's website:

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November 13, 2020
42. Building a Community of Significance

Host Kyle A. Sanders shares the three pillars of building a community of significance. Tune in to learn how to lead your community by listening, loving and learning. Ready to be strengthen your community?


November 9, 2020
41. Thriving as A Whole You

Dr. Colin Zhu is a double board-certified Family/Lifestyle medicine doctor, who is leading others to another pathway of wellness by understanding the whole person.

Tune in to thrive and to learn how you have the ability to influence your health and mindset!

Ready to Thrive? Learn more about Dr. Zhu and his unique blend of medical knowledge on his online wellness and lifestyle platform: TheChefDoc website. Colin is also the author of "Thrive Medicine: How To Cultivate Your Desires and Elevate Your Life.“ Also is the podcast host of Thrive Bites in which he interviews the latest health and wellness experts about incorporating a plant-powered lifestyle, enhancing emotional wellness, and creating a thriving mindset!


November 2, 2020
40. Beyond The Finish

A story that started with one question, “Can people in wheelchairs do IRONMAN?” created a movement of inclusion through the Kyle Pease Foundation.

Tune in to be empowered by Ironman Finishers, authors and brothers Kyle & Brent Pease as they shatter barriers and promote inclusion through sports. Their positive mindset will transform how you view the impossible.

Check out their book Beyond The Finish today!


October 30, 2020
39. The Power of People

Host Kyle A. Sanders shares the power of intentionally building relationships with people who will lead you to achieving the impossible. Tune in to learn how to dream bigger with empowering leaders in your life.

Ready to be strengthen by the power of people?


October 26, 2020
38. You Can't Stop The Growth

Second generation business leader, Chad Peterman is growing the family company by opening doors for others. Author of You Can't Stop The Growth is honoring his father’s legacy of sacrifice and contributions by building a company and a school of significance for future leaders.

Want to start growing to build a significant legacy? Check out Chad Peterman's book below: You Can't Stop The Growth


October 19, 2020
37. Unlocking a Limitless Life

Washington Post Best Selling Author and Motivational Keynote speaker, Laura Gassner Otting will help you discover how to align what you do with who you are, to achieve your limitless potential. Tune in to be empowered by the Author of Limitless, and become the best version of yourself.

Want to find out if you're living a limitless life? Take an assessment and learn what is stopping you to becoming limitless, and what you can do about it.


October 16, 2020
36. The Lessons Gained During a 50 Mile Run

Host Kyle A. Sanders ran his first ultra-marathon, and the wisdom came in those final miles. Tune in to learn the five lessons that Kyle was given during his 50 mile run that will help you achieve a purpose larger than yourself.

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October 12, 2020
35. Driven By Mission

President & CEO of Insights Consulting Kelly Hartman's mission statement is her true compass that leads her.

As an advocate for inclusion, Kelly is driven to help individuals change their lens of perspective and focus on their capabilities. Tune in to empower the people you lead by shifting their mindset to what is possible.

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